We take great pleasure in launching www.sanjaysub.com, a portal that
contains the music of Sanjay Subrahmanyan. This will be the main
repository for Sanjay’s music — in particular, his live concerts.

You need to register (or use Facebook-Connect) to get access to the
concert repository. You can either purchase full concerts or a single song
from concerts. You can preview a song, buy a song, buy a concert, search
for a song or request for a song. This portal features exclusive content
that is of high-quality and is recorded professionally.

By logging through Facebook-Connect, some of your activities will also be
posted onto your Facebook Wall. Content that is posted on your Facebook
Wall can be controlled through the “Settings” option.

For further details on the portal including payment options and Terms &
Conditions, please register now.

We hope you like the portal and look forward to your feedback.

www.sanjaysub.com – Dev Team

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