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1 year of Sanjay Sabha on YouTube


It was December 2020 and after nearly 10 months of digital existence, and no possibilities of a live concert, I decided to launch Sanjay Sabha Season 01 on my YouTube channel ( The idea was to produce digitally recorded 90 + min concerts and offer them to members of the channel for a fee. We did have live concerts by the end of 2021 and it was such an overwhelming experience to sing before audiences and your spontaneous response gave me and my team hope for 2022. Things haven’t really turned for the better as I faced a series of concert postponements and cancellations because of the increase in cases everywhere around us. It can be difficult to describe the feeling of euphoria when a concert gets fixed and the abject decline in mood when you hear that it has been postponed/cancelled. I have been a performing artiste for most of my life and my musical personal highs and lows come from the live concert experience. However, I am learning to slowly take in the digital space. I record, release and look out for your feedback. In this context, I remember a conversation with a Tamizh writer friend. He said ” As a live performer you can experience feedback for what you do immediately. We writers have to wait for our work to get published before we get the response from our readers!” So it is back to the virtual world for the present. Sanjay Sabha Season 02 is poised to launch online with more concerts coming up. For Sanjay Sabha Season 01, we had a monthly schedule of releasing one concert every month on the 27th. Each monthly episode of Sanjay Sabha Season 02 will now release on the last date of every month for certain administrative conveniences. You can join as a Patron member today ( and get access to all 12 concerts of the 1st season, some exclusive Members Only videos and the upcoming Season 02. If you have already joined as a Channel member do check out the following playlist Members only videos (Supporters & Patrons) Thanks once again for your support and encouragement.


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