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A new blog

After reading about celebrity bloggers like Amitabh Bacchan and Aamir Khan I am motivated to start blogging. Now only this time it is about Carnatic Music and anything else that catches my fancy. I have refrained from writing about music on the net for a long time especially since was closed. But the new and exciting prospects that web 2.0 is throwing at us is fascinating and I want to be a part of the action. So here is another attempt at an itnernet presence that I will keep up with and have a lot of itneresting things planned. I will keep posting stuff as I go along. Of course I do have another blog about my favorite pastime – Board Games and another blog on Cricket where I am just a co contributor. Since both those are fairly specialist areas of interest for me I’ll keep those posts separate from this blog though I might try some cross posting if I can crack the feed system here in Blogger.


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