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Many years back when I was learning up songs of GNB my Guru taught me Nee valayinche in the ragam Chayaranjani. This song was not in print at that time and he had taken it down during the course of his association with GNB. Chayaranjani follows the following scale – S G M P N S / S N D P M G S in the 45th (Subhapantuvarali) mela. This is an interesting ragam that was supposed to be a creation of GNB. My personal take on this ragam is that he must have been inspired by the North Indian raag Multani which follows the scale of S G M P N S / S N D P M G R S in the same 45th mela. However in usage the rishabham is not stressed upon and glides directly into the shadjam without any elongation. This minimal Ri use has been dispensed with to create the beautiful ragam Chayaranjani.

I had sung an RTP in Chayaranjani in Krishna Gana Sabha in December 2008. This concert is now available for download at


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