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Concert at TTD

I had a concert at the Tirumala Tirupati Devstanam in Chennai yesterday. Pretty good crowd. As I walked in someone requested Maanamuleda in Hamirkalyani. I think I sang this in the same venue some years back and the gentleman remembered, though I can’t be very sure about it. Anyway I decided to oblige the song as a filler. Also sung a varnam in Chakravakam by Patnam Subramanya Iyer for the first time in a concert. Don’t recall listening to it before by anyone else. TTD has a nice compact ambience that I quite enjoy. It used to be crowded and stuffy but after recent air conditioning and modernisation and some restriction in the number of people that can be accommadated I think a full hall creates a great atmosphere for performance.

The most interesting part of the concert yesterday was the organiser during his thanks giving speech blessing me to be born an Iyengar in my next birth!


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