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Happy New Year!

Another year comes to a close tonight and 2010 is upon us. I just paused for a second to look back on a fairly eventful year in my music career. It was quite a hectic one with a lot of travel and concerts. The Europe tour early on in summer, the fairly hectic US tour in the fall and of course the season here at home in Chennai in December. 23 years have gone by since my first season as a performer and I m still already looking forward to the next one. Afterall it is this feeling of looking forward to the next concert that keeps musicians like us going. As long as that feeling is there it automatically motivates us to work harder to do better each time.

Like in the previous years this season has also been very special for me personally. Beginning with the Jaya TV concert and a few more concerts still to happen, it has been great but a little hectic. I am indeed moved by the overwhelming response from the rasikas and music lovers. Every concert, the audience has patiently put up with my music, my difficulties at times and have always been there to tell me that they deserve nothing but 100%. They have braved the traffic, sometimes overcrowding, good/bad sound systems and still turned out in large numbers in all the venues to accept whatever I had to offer.

Musically of course the journey continues for me with more ragas, compositions and other forays that promise to be filled with exciting potential. Thanks once again to all of you and wish you all a very very Happy New Year!


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