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KSK 100

21st December 2021 is the birth centenary of my Guru Shri Calcutta KS Krishnamurthi. His influence on the musical world was quite significant as a musician, composer, thinker and most of all teacher. He touched so many musicians along the way and all of us gained immensely from his contributions.

To commemorate his centenary I am starting a series of posts and content over the next ten days that I will keep sharing with you. The plan is to do it across various social media channels

Photos – Instagram & Facebook

YouTube links to KSK music by others – Twitter and YouTube community post on my channel with a dedicated KSK 100 playlist on YouTube (

Videos – on my YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook videos.

The Sanjay Sabha Live concert on the 25th Dec 2021 at the Music Academy will be a personal musical dedication to my Guru’s birth centenary. Watch out for more details soon.


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