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Rasika first! Launching Sanjay Sabha Live

Sanjay Sabha will be launching Live tomorrow with an “in-person” concert at the Narada Gana Sabha in Chennai. As we slowly bring ourselves back to normalcy, one sees cinema theatres opening, as one sees travel returning and cricket matches happening in full swing, I am waiting to get back on stage and sing for you all.

Sanjay Sabha Live is the offline avatar of my YouTube Channel’s Sanjay Sabha venture. This launches tomorrow with a series of concerts

  1. 11th Dec 6.30 pm – Narada Gana Sabha

  2. 18th Dec 6.30 pm – Vani Mahal

  3. 25th Dec 6.30 pm – Music Academy

All concerts are in-person events, powered by MGM healthcare. We aim to give a “Rasika First” experience through these concerts. Over the years I have had a lot of feedback from many of you. One of the first things that was requested was “Online ticketing” and we have addressed that through our ticketing partner Paytm Insider. Booking a kutchery ticket is a breeze today. (BTW click for tomorrow’s concert! –

Our sponsor MGM Healthcare is making special arrangements following all protocols for a safe and comfortable concert experience. Wheelchair access is also being provided.

Rasika first! Launching Sanjay Sabha Live

December carnatic music and canteens are like the inseparable two madhyamams of Hamirkalyani. We have made arrangements to provide the same by Arusuvai at the venue from 5.00 pm onwards.

Seating is on a first come first served basis, in the rows mentioned in your tickets.

I have always loved being spontaneous with my content on stage. Growing older over the years, I have understood the value of proper planning and execution. Nowadays I definitely know what I am going to sing every time I get on stage. Many of you have written to me asking to share the same in advance, so I am happy to share the song list with you, though I will warn you that I do take liberties with it on the rare occasion!

So join us tomorrow as we look forward to launching Sanjay Sabha Live!


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