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Dec 2002 concert available for download from Charsur

This concert, available for download at the Charsur site now, is from Narada Gana Sabha, December 2002. There is an interesting story behind this concert. A particular rasika, who was also a retired officer of the bank where I have my account, met me there sometime in the ebginning of December 2002. As we were talking he asked me if I could sing Bhavapriya sometime. I told him I have never sung it but would definitely do so if he told me which concert he is coming to. On the 16th of December, the day of my NGS concert, he called me to remind me that he was coming to the concert and if I was going to sing Bhavapriya. I realised that I did not know any composition in Bhavapriya and so sang an RTP at the concert that evening! The accompanists were RK Shriramkumar, K Arun Prakash and KV Gopalakrishnan.

Here is the link to the download page for the concert.

Please support legal downloads and refrain from uploading these concerts to free servers as Charsur is making special arrangements for royalties from these downloadable concerts to reach all artistes including the accompanists.


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