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Urudhi from Coke Studio Tamil is out!

The wait is over as Urudhi from Coke Studio dropped today. It has been an emotional ride for me and the entire team that has contributed. Thanks so much for the spontaneous and overwhelming response all around. I have to call out and thank the following who were directly involved with me on this with their team who backed them up.

Sean Roldan – the composer and musical brain behind the composition. He is a vidwan, singer, composer, music producer and creative brain extraordinaire! Krithika Nelson – the song writer, was the backbone of the project, being there and guiding us through the whole process. It was a pleasure working with her!

Arifullah Shah Refaee – what a wonderful singer and yet so humble and devoted to his music.

Punya Srinivas – Veena – I have known her from the early nineties and seen her blossom into such a fine musician. She has so beautifully added color with her interludes.

Kalyani Nair & The Indian Choral Ensemble – really the live wire who managed the chorus and the strings. She as such a tower of musical strength and assurance in ensuring the song had the musical stability to stand out.

Sunshine Orchestra – musically or during the shoot, you knew they were there and yet you missed them if they weren’t there!

Keyboard: Shyam Benjamin – thanks for those delightful Raaja interludes during the breaks! Bass Guitar: Aalaap Raju – watch how the guy grooves beautifully! Lead Guitar 1: Vijay Ganesan Lead Guitar 2: Ashwin Suresh These two guitarists gave me the much needed melodic support when singing live with headphones! Drums: David Devaprashanth Joseph – Sruti mata laya pitha! Our rhythm mainstay!

Project Head: Zaarra Khader Project Coordinator: Vinayak Manoj These two were so patient with my ‘boomer’ behaviour!

Chief Sound Engineer: Toby Joseph Brilliant sound and mix!!

Video Amith Krishnan & Studio MO.C.A Amith cane up to me during the promo shoot and said ‘just use your angavastram like Rajini would!’ Nothing could have relaxed me more than that! Thanks for the lovely video!

Wardrobe & Styling: Themis Vanessa She was so patient and caring, never thought in my life I would be working with a stylist!


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