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Thank you!

I just want to pause for a moment and say a big Thank You to 2022! After so much uncertainty over the last couple of years we slowly saw some normalcy return to our lives. As a performing musician, getting on stage, singing concerts to live audiences is the biggest motivation to get up to every morning. It is a blessing to be able to do what you like the most and I continue to be grateful to all of you for your overwhelming support.

Live concerts returned to Carnatic Music and I was happy to sing as well as travel once again regularly. We also have been having a good run with Sanjay Sabha Live concerts in Chennai and elsewhere. Lots of information and data has been gleaned from these ventures and we are looking forward to seeing where we can take this in 2023.

Online initiatives will continue with Sanjay Sabha Season 03 on YouTube. The first 2 seasons were mostly inhouse recorded concerts. We have experimented with a few “in-studio” concerts to record and stream as episodes for Season 03. I am looking forward to continue this as I believe that the music I deliver definitely comes out differently with a live audience. A special word of thanks for all of you who joined as Supporters/Patrons of the Sanjay Subrahmanyan YouTube channel. We need your support to continue what we are doing online.

A shout out to my back-end, Team Sanjay Sabha led by the effervescent and indomitable Bhargavii Mani. I literally slammed them with a punishing social media schedule of content that needed to be created and uploaded regularly. They have responded brilliantly without missing a single deadline! A shout out to Divya, Hari and Suresh who have worked tirelessly to keep this going the last 2 years.

The Season was back in Chennai and there is music in the air! Lovely to see so many of you coming out and supporting the arts. Braving the threat of rain and cyclone, traffic snarls because of ongoing metro work, it is so wonderful to see so many of you, young and old, come out in large numbers to attend concerts and savour the December music.

I have also had a chance to engage in a few ventures that I cannot wait to share with all of you. Do watch out – 2023 has a lot of exciting things to offer!

On that note, Happy New Year!

Stay tuned and looking forward to see you all in the Season!

Sanjay Subrahmanyan


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