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Dec 2003 concert available for download from Charsur

Charsur has made available another concert of mine from the December season 2003. This was held on 5th of December 2003 at Narada Gana Sabha under the auspices of Karthik Fine Arts. The concert had MR Gopinath – Violin, Mannargudi Easwaran – Mrudangam and S Karthick – Ghatam as the accompanists. Click here for a review of that concert that appeared on the Hindu dated 19th Dec 2003. Interestingly Suresh of Charsur called me up and said that he was planning to release this concert but did not know who the accompanists were. I did a simple search on Google and came with a link to the concert review! The internet is just changing the way we do things completely.

Here is the link to the download page for the concert.

Please support legal downloads and refrain from uploading these concerts to free servers as Charsur is making special arrangements for royalties from these downloadable concerts to reach all artistes including the accompanists.


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