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Evolution of the App – 2

Technology experts world over are pushing for apps as the way to the future. Homes are seeing a massive increase in smartphones and tablets. These devices are making the whole web experience as well access to data and entertainment very personal and super fast at the same time. Traditional websites have all launched apps which provide standalone access to what they have to offer. Personally I have explored most of the mainstream avenues to include carnatic music in this technological experience. So the development and launch of the Sanjay Mobile App is the latest step in this direction.

The first point of discussion in the app development process is whether the whole thing will be free or is it to be priced. We immediately agreed that there is enough and more free material available on the net in the first place. Secondly the stats regarding spending on apps is so high that people will not hesitate to pay if it is reasonably priced and has enough to offer. So, yes the app is not free and is priced modestly.

Coming to the aspect of content, the first point of value to the user of the app is availability of exclusive material. Here we have made an effort to include audio content from my past concerts. They have been hand picked to ensure that the user is able to get a wide sampling of what I have sung in the past. We were faced with a choice of less number of complete pieces versus more pieces which sample a wider gamut. We went with the latter option for the moment but we have retained the option of changing based on the feedback we get.

Today on the net you can see a wide variety of content about me at the following places.

3. Sanjay Subrahmanyan Twitter page – You can follow my tweets which are more cricket based than music.

5. Audio content through CDs and digital downloads on iTunes and

The Sanjay mobile app can provide a single platform to access all the above content and more. We have also attempted to include a searchable schedule so that you can easily find out information about my concerts in your city and elsewhere.

If you haven’t checked out as yet here are the links

Detailed description of the app and its features click below

Here are the links to the app pages on the respective markets.


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