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Happy New Year 2018!

2018 is upon us all. The last year was very significant musically to me. In the corner of my end there is always a small thought. What if I lost interest in what I am doing? What if everything becomes meaningless? I am restless mind and have been known in the past to dabble in too many things outside of my main occupation. What if that restless nature intruded on that which I enjoy doing most? I like to revisit this thought mostly on the 1st of January. It is a kind of taking stock of myself. Asking myself how the last year has been, has it been worth it, will I continue this into the next year.

Thankfully it is the same answer I get this year also. 2017 was fantastic! 2018 will be fantastic too. I still enjoy every minute I spend on Carnatic music. Every new song I learn. Every old song that I sing that one more time like polishing old silverware. Every new raga that I discover in the process of updating myself.

Of course the greatest excitement is when all that effort done at home is brought on to the concert stage. Then things take over almost in auto pilot mode. The stage, the accompanists, the ambience and you the wonderful audience start me off on this great journey. I get off the stage, go home and am already thinking of the next concert, where is it, what am I singing, what do I have to practice tomorrow etc etc.

It is a fortune to be allowed by the society to earn a living as a musician. Not all societies are privileged. Issues plague people at different levels. Issues some of which are under our control and some beyond. Still the music can heal. The music need not disturb. It can beautifully comfort both the settled and the unsettled. Thank you all for giving me this freedom to do what I want and thank you for your patience and dealing with my own aberrations that may have marred your idea of what SHOULD be. Thank you and Happy New Year! It will be better, bright and beautiful!


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