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Nadamuni Band-Nadachi Nadachi.wmv

Some 30 years ago I came across the name “Nadhamuni Band” from a friend’s father. The first thing he said was “They were famous for Nadachi nadachi!” Of course I have also come across the word band (not specifically Nadamuni) on two occassions. One was when a very bady affected voice emitting types of different sounds was called “Band vadhyam” not in a very complimentary manner unfortunately. Another rather uncomplimentary reference was about a young and upcoming Clarinet artiste who was dismissed to the rear of the procession headed by Nadaswaram vidwans as just a mere “Band vadhyam!”

The Nadamuni Band however seemed to have enjoyed a lot of popularity and played quite frequently on the Marina beach near the Kannagi statue. Anyway thanks to a kindly soul we can still sample the original Nadamuni Band and their famous Nadachi nadachi.


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