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New Album – Vani Mahal Dec 2014

Greetings and advance wishes for a Happy Pongal!

I am super delighted to announce the launch of my new album Vani Mahal Dec 2014. As the title indicates it is a recording of a live concert that I have sung for the Thyaga Brahma Gana Sabha at the Vani Mahal in Chennai on the 19th December 2014.

I am working on a few more products and hopefully several of my concerts from the recent December festival will be released in the coming months.

The accompanying artistes for the concert were S Varadarajan – Violin, SJ Arjun Ganesh – Mrudangam & KV Gopalakrishnan – Khanjira.

Please click to download the album. As usual the pricing remains on the “Pay What You Want” model.

I know that a few have expressed inability to make payments with a Rupee credit card. I am really sorry about this. I am also hoping to slowly to start releasing a few of these albums on iTunes as well so that it will make the task easier.

Thanks for downloading, supporting and listening!

Sanjay Subrahmanyan

To download Vani Mahal Dec 2014 please click


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