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On that Note, we will back with Season 2

On that Note has completed 18 episodes. On May 9th 2021, the TN Government had announced a lockdown after rising Covid cases in the state. In a space of 6 hours we fought, discussed, conceived, recorded On that Note and released one episode every week. Before we knew it, we completed 18 episodes and the entire Season 1 is now available on my YouTube channel. (

Let me give you some background information to the circumstances that led to the creation and launch of this series. I have always believed that I communicate mainly through my music. It is music that has sustained me all these years and it is your generous support of the same that kept me going.

My gurus always stressed the need to prioritise my musical goals, and singing concerts was crucial to that. I have also refrained from talking much in public. I do like writing and blogging, though the same had become sporadic as my concert engagements kept me busy and active. The pandemic however changed my perspectives on so many things at a personal level. The uncertainty surrounding when I could get back on stage was quite stressful. It was impossible to set a date and every time things looked optimistic, there was a setback.

By the end of 2020, a virtual season was clearly being planned and conducted. 2021 was not looking rosy either, especially for someone like me who depended solely on performing Live concerts. In January 2021, we launched Sanjay Sabha on my YouTube channel. Since then we have recorded and released 8 concerts to date, each 90+ min duration. The response has been overwhelming and we are determined to keep it going.

I also realised that there is only so much we could do on our own. My collaboration with Bhargavii Mani and Consultants (formerly Edge Design House) has enhanced the quality and branding of my digital activity. Discussions and strategizing with Bhargavii helped us look at various ways to connect with you. Whilst singing live concerts has been satisfying in its own way, the same can be perceived as being unidimensional in the digital world.

The last one year and more has also been a period of personal introspection and reflection as well. Sitting at home practicing, reading and thinking brought back so many memories from the last 30/40 years of my musical life. Bhargavii urged me to start On that Note, as a way to share these experiences. As we began shooting and recording, so many delightful memories came flooding back. The constancy of music in my life and the good fortune of meeting and interacting with so many wonderful people helped me in this.

Over the last 4 months and more, we have produced 18 episodes. It has been an enriching experience and the spontaneous comments that all of you have posted in the different social media channels is so gratifying. We are working on another exciting project that we hope to launch for all the channel members sometime in October. The support from all of you channel members has been incredible. Your immediate responses and love makes us want to produce more exclusive content for you, the Supporters and Patrons.  To those who have joined and continued to support the channel by renewing every month – Thanks so much, this means a lot to me. We will be back with On that Note once my wardrobe for the next season is finalized!

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