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Podcast next episode – Send me some quesions

I have been on a hiatus from doing the next episode of the podcast. Firstly I am just recovering from the pretty hectic US tour. Secondly sometime next week I am getting another guest for the podcast and that might be a pretty long one that covers 2 or 3 parts. In the meanwhile, I thought I could record a slightly shorter episode just answering some questions. So let us say that the next episode will be a kind of “Answering some questions” episode. Please just use the comments section of this post and send in some questions. Of course you can also email me at with your questions.

Note: I have closed the comments on this post. I think I have enough questions for the moment. Thanks to everyone who posted immediately. Meanwhile you can still email me with questions and hopefully I’ll take them up in future episodes. Am off to record the next episode and get it online soon.


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