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Post Sangeetham was an exciting experience for me personally. It really helped to understand the Internet in a big way. I started out actually trying my hand at web design, scripting, coding etc etc. If I had actually continued on that I might have got a job at Satyam or the hundreds of other software companies! But I guess we were thinking far too much ahead and we had entered at a stage when web 1.0 was actually bombing big time. So it became increasingly impossible to continue as it did not make financial sense. That in a nutshell is what happened.

But today is different. I am fascinated by what web 2.0 is offering. I can sense a very similar kind of buzz among many startups. I even met a startup a couple of days back that is developing a social network here in Chennai and they made a statement that once they get eyeballs funding will come in! Ee actually spoke the same language 7 or 8 years back! Personally though I am looking at a richer experience online today. This is one of the reasons I have begun blogging and getting myself active on the net. I remember back in 1996 I was the first professional carnatic musician to have my own personal home page. Some of the features that I tried out then are still being continued by other professional musicians till this day! They are probably waiting for me to do something else so that they can get ‘inspired’ and do the same 🙂

Personally though I just enjoy the ‘Shiny new object syndrome’ that the internet keeps offering.


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