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Season Curtain raiser

As December 1st approaches the media in Chennai gears up with curtain raisers etc. Here is a typical list of questions asked by journalists.

1. Is the season very special to musicians? 2. What will be the highlights in your concerts this year? 3. What is your favorite venue? 4. Are concerts in the season different to others? 5. Do you think more youngsters are attending the concerts these days? 6. Is there an overdose of music in Chennai during the season? Could it not be cut down and staggered throughout the year? 7. How do you take care of your voice? 8. Any special moments from the season that you can recall?

And some typical answers

1. The season is the most important period in a carnatic musician’s performing schedule. The sheer no of concerts, the pressures of performing before the very knowledgeable Chennai audience and the hype created by the rasikas and media makes it special in more ways than one. 2. I am planning to add a number of new songs to my repertoire. I have also been working on some special items, the details of which I cannot disclose at the moment. 3. The Music Academy 4. They are very different for some of the reasons said earlier. 5. Definitely this is a very welcome and positive trend. After all it is the youngsters who will take this art form forward. 6. Definitely not. It is the volume that makes the season what it is. But it would be nice if the sabhas can come together and get into some sort of understanding but it is very difficult. 7. I rest my voice adequately, do not answer too many phone calls, and have strict control over my diet. 8. Many moments among them the visit of Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer to my concert in the Music academy.


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