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Sound test

Sound test for concerts is usually a straightforward affair for me. We just go and sing a couple for songs for about 10/15 minutes and the experienced technicians get it done. We (this includes the unflappable duo of Varadarajan and Venkatesh!) generally use that as a warm up routine mostly to get the voice moving, feel a few sangathis and check out the ambience, especially if it is a new place. Of course there can be delays for various reasons. Archaic equipment or bad acoustic ambience is mostly the reason. Humans can also cause isssues but then I cannot complain since I can be as much a part of that problem! Shooting virtual concerts for Sanjay Sabha is a more complex affair. Besides sound we also have to look at lighting and camera positions. Newer locations also mean newer issues that could come up. Patience is the key to maintain equilibrium since everyone is ‘pandemic’ stressed as well! Kudos to Bhargavii Mani, MT Aditya Srinivasan and their excellent teams for weathering everything to ensure a smooth recording session. It was touch and go for the last few weeks because of continuing lockdowns, but we are on track for the release of the next episode. Photo credit: Rahul Krishna who took a break from tambura duties to click a few. Sanjay Sabha Episode 6 releasing soon. Each episode is a 90 min+ concert recorded specially. Join today, become a Patron member and you can watch all earlier episodes and more exclusive videos. Http://


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