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Tyagaraja Live – Download for 0$+

I am happy to announce the launch of Tyagaraja Live – a new digital album that can be downloaded for 0$+

Click to download –

This album is a live concert that I sang on the 20th of April 2013 at the Tyagaraja Sangeetha Vidwath Samajam in Chennai. This place has a unique tradition in that it was set up completely by musicians. An interesting piece of trivia associated with that place is that the tambura in the hand of the Tyagaraja idol there was donated by Pazhani Subramania Pillai.

The samajam was highly regarded as a musical venue especially in the eighties. I have heard so many memorable concerts in that place. There was a huge function to commemorate the 25th death anniversary of Pazhani Subramania Pillai in 1987. The whole affair was organised by Pazhani’s chief disciple Ramanathapuram MN Kandaswami Pillai. A large list of legendary laya vidwans were honoured. The list included Valangaiman Shanmughasundaram Pillai, Ramanathapuram CS Murugabhoopathy, Nellai Devaraja Iyer, Kumbakonam Rajappa Iyer, TK Moorthy and others. The glittering function was followed by a brilliant concert of Madurai TN Seshagopalan with SD Sridhar, Ramanathapuram CS Murugabhoopathy & TH Vinayakaram. I can still remember the main piece Kaa vaa vaa in Varali where TNS sang some brilliant swarams for the “Pazhanai malai uraiyum murugaa vaa vaa” in tisra nadai. This was followed by a fantastic tani by CSM and I can still hear the sound of his mrudangam when I just think of that concert. What naadham!!



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