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Watching myself, Live.

“It’s a punishment to listen to one’s own music” said a prominent Carnatic musician many years back. I am reminded of that everytime I have to hear something I have sung. It is so tough because every little thing stands out and you immediately squirm inside thinking “I wouldn’t do that today!” However, if I sang the same thing today and didn’t do what I had done, I am sure I would have cause to be disappointed with something else! So it is essentially wash, rinse, repeat! Yesterday we had a live stream of the Sanjay Sabha Live KSK 100 concert and since this was the first such effort on the channel, we were nervous. So I literally sat through the entire stream and all the above thoughts kept coming back to me. I just opened a new window on my laptop and started typing up this! Technically this is not Live, because it was a recorded stream that went out live. We had opened Live chat to channel members only. I just wanted to say a special word of thanks for everyone of you who logged in to watch and support this. Special thanks to all Channel members. You have kept me going to work and produce content. Renewing your membership every month is a renewal of your faith in what we are doing and we are always grateful. It has been a wonderful beginning and I know a number of non Chennai residents have welcomed this initiative. Hopefully we will be able to bring more such live streams regularly.

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