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Youtube Channel

For years people have been searching finding and enjoying music on Youtube. I see that several of my videos are actually scattered all over the place. I thought it would be easy for people to find my videos on Youtube if I did the hard work and put them into organised playlists on a dedicated “Sanjay Subrahmanyan Channel” on Youtube. I started this yesterday and the technology just kept drawing me in as usual. So the whole of today I have been digging up some old VCDs of my concerts to see if I can upload them on to the Youtube channel. So here is the first instalment and hopefully I should get some more in the coming weeks.

Even as I uploaded, the response has been great and suddenly I find myself rising in the rankings of the Top Viewed Musician (Today) in India on Youtube. Google has a way of inflating your ego immediately by putting all this info on the channel page itself!!!

Grappling with Youtube’s interface was like getting the hang of singing neraval for a 4 kalai pallavi! It took me some time and a few avarthanams before i could figure out how to set up playlists and edit videos to add the info I want. And of course it takes some time before you realise that tisram is not normally done for a 2 kalai 3/4 eduppu pallavi unless you are a hacker/geek or one of those unix/linux types who like that black screen with only text! What I mean is that I cannot edit the info on the videos that have been uploaded by others. I can only share/tag them onto a playlist. Next, I had uploaded a clip and found that it was more than 10 min. So then it was “nadai pallavi” time as I got started on iMovie to edit the clips!


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