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Happy 2012 !!!

As the curtain comes down on 2011 here’s wishing you all a very Happy New Year!! As I sat down to write this post I just looked back at what I wrote last year – and I realise that a lot of these things I could write again! It has been a great year and a wonderful season to cap it. The overwhelming response from the audience as always humbles me completely and I only wish that I could do more than what I am doing at the moment. Performing concerts is so exciting and every day and every kutchery is a new experience.

This season has been a kind of breakthrough in the carnatic music world I should say. A new generation of musicians in the age group of 20 – 35 are blossoming into young stars and it is so great to see. Their efforts and patience is finally paying rich dividends and the listening audience is beginning to notice this. Each of these musicians are coming out with a solid plan of how they want to perform and what areas to concentrate on and doing it with so much professionalism and perfection. I don’t think I knew so much about what I was doing 20 years back compared to what these guys and girls are doing. Hats off to them and I hope they very soon reap the rewards in a big way. And of course it gives me even greater pleasure to see that some of them are my students!! I am a positive guy and I believe music is doing very well today. Yes, it has changed and I like that. Art is something that evolves over time. Sometimes it needs to shed itself from the shackles of the past if it needs to go forward, sometimes it uses the past itself as a launching pad. That is the beauty of artistic evolution. As far I am concerned I am perfectly ok whichever direction the art form takes.

Technology is such a wonderful part of our lives these days. I am so happy and greatful that I am living through this great digital enhancement that is happening to our lives. Right from the year 1995 I have embraced technology completely and I fancy myself pretty highly on the “geek score” very much similar to my own self estimate of my cricketing skills and knowledge! The past year has also been significant in that I have managed to get the Sanjay Mobile App released for both Android and iPhone. There are some teething problems but we should be able to achieve a lot more in the coming year with the app.

For those who have not checked it out yet here is the link

The other significant technological highlight for me is the launch of the website – A special thanks to Yessel Narasimhan, an old friend who came with a proper plan to implement these. Also a special thanks to Girish Hariharasubramaniam and his development team at Clairvoyant Technosolutions for making it all possible.

Twitter is a great place for conversation and I am having a great time tweeting especially on cricket. So if you are on twitter and keen on cricket you can see me frequently agreeing with the Indian team and disagreeing with every other team at

Hope the new year brings in the elusive 100th hundred to a great man as well as peace and prosperity to every one!!! Happy New Year!!


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