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Some interesting stats

A few days back I had announced a new initiative that is to be launched very soon. I know some had asked about when this will be launched and in true “IT” fashion we are hoping to launch it sometime in the middle of Q2 of the current financial year!! Meanwhile in case you had visited the above link you would have seen a request for registering your email id to get the latest updates on the launch. We have been able to collect some interesting statistics based on the email ids and I thought I can share it here.

So far we have had registrations from nearly 15 different countries all over the world. As expected 56% is from India and 25% from the United States. Countries like the UK, UAE, Australia, Singapore & Canada make up the rest. Historically these are the countries where musicians have and are still travelling to and performing for a substantial South Indian/Sri Lankan Tamil population that make up the majority of Carnatic music rasikas. I am happy to say that there has also been registrations from Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Poland, Belgium and Switzerland!

Of the registrations from India unsurprisingly 40% is from Madras. Bangalore and New Delhi have about 20% each and the rest from Bombay, Kolkata, Coimbatore, Hyderabad etc. I would have a liked a few surprises like Gauhati or Shimla!! Anyway this is just a very preliminary analysis based on a very limited field test. Hopefully in the months to come we will be able to collect more data to make me sound like a qualified markeing pro!!!!


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